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Post by Anniemouse » Wed Sep 23, 2020 11:12 am

Well I have now seen it and as a person who has a soft spot for the weird, this fell slap band in that catagory.
Two of my favourite bad movies are Carry on Emmanuelle (the actors genuinely look like they are all wondering "How did it come to this" and Kennwth William gets his bottom out (we all deserved better)
The second is Inseminoid a 1970's horror that has wobbly sets and twin aliens (who look like Stewie from Family Guy covered in wallpaper paste killing a hapless crew.

I think I saw some of Hotel years ago on Channel 4 at some unearthly hour and thought it was weird even then.

As for Jason why did the credits state him as Austrailian Actor when he was called Gavin Mackay?.

Loved when the "Producer" hit him on the arm and he shouted aww!!!. (Is it wrong that I laughed)

And what was it with the chain around is neck that made him look like a member of the Welsh band "Goldie Looking Chain"

Loved hearing him spek some of the dialogue from The Duchess of Malfi.

Other points
Rhys Iffans was sort of insanely brilliant as the Director.

I thought the film wafted between terrible, comedic, pretentious, and bonkers. It kept mentioning the Dogma tradition but I thought that this style had no music so it seemed to be contradicting itself.

Because of the improv the levels of acting was all over the place with some actors being more adept than others at this style.

Why a women dropped her breasts in the champagne glasses ****** :bag: knows.

The Cardinal had a pigeon land on his head which made me laugh.

Was I supposed to laugh at all?.

The scene of the plastic doll birth was so nuts but still I watched it happen. One of the oddest scenes I have ever watched in my entire life and like I said I have seen Insemoinoid.

I wished the same cast would do a true version of The Duchess of Malfi as those who spoke the diologue showed the potential of the play on the big screen.

Who shot the director and why was Julian Sands a vampire (I think) killing Salma Heyak and David Shwimmer.

Why was John Malkovic in a cage.

Like I mentioned was I supposed to laugh??

I think this is one of the movies I would love to chat to Jason about if I ever got the chance to. The most bonkers couple of hours I have had in years.

Like I said was I supossed to laugh. Apologies if I was not.

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Re: Hotel

Post by thunder » Wed Sep 23, 2020 2:33 pm

Annie, I think you are one of the first here to actually finish the movie. I couldn't. Very impressive.
About Dogma, it can't be Shakespeare. Everything has to be super-realistic, and set in present time, and it can't be based on a book or a play. It has to be an original story.
And, yes, no music, unless it's playing naturally in the scene, from a CD-player or something. It can't be added on afterwards, because that takes away from the realism. Only music that the people in the movie can hear as well. And no violence, if it needs any special effects. Fake blood not allowed. :D

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Re: Hotel

Post by Anniemouse » Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:44 pm

Actually I am still thinking about this movie hours after it ended. I keep thinking I missed the point of it like it was some actors channeling their artistic side. I still feel awful for laughing though, as I think it was supposed to be a serious endeavour, but it did have that effect on me.

David Schwimmer and Ryhs Iffans growling at each other was another hightlight.

I am genuinely glad I watched this but have no idea why.

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Re: Hotel

Post by Anniemouse » Thu Sep 24, 2020 10:46 am

Did anyone watch the extra's? Jason is in one of the little video's. The director mentions something about the actors have "read the script" and the expression on his face is priceless.
Also impressed as he seems to be listening really intently to the instructions. I am now convinced that the majority of the movie is improv.

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Re: Hotel

Post by Hilary the Touched » Mon Sep 28, 2020 2:14 pm

I so appreciated your review, Annie! I watched this, like, a decade or so ago via surreptitious means, so I missed out on the (potentially explanatory) extras.
My own response was posted many years ago on, and it accords pretty closely with yours!

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Re: Hotel

Post by Anniemouse » Tue Sep 29, 2020 7:27 am

The extras were all over the place.

The one with Jason is was the most interesting as we had the director directly intereacting with the actors. Jason face when a script is mentioned (sort of your'e saying there is one!!!) are followed by;

Julian Sands dancing with umbrella and then another where he strips and runs into the sea naked.
David, Rhys and Max in a scene were the latter two ahave been arrested and David is attempting to get them bail.
A toy dog getting stuck in a crack in a pavement so it looks like it is doing something rude.
Mark Strong improvising with other cast members which is actually enjoyable.
Various people wondering around Venice. Not sure if one was a innocent member of the public or not.
One of the staff mentioning his Gran had had a fling with Mussolini.
Mark Strong jazz skatting as Max played the piano.
One of the "Cast" sort of trying to ingratiate themselves to John Malkovic.
Mark Stong finding another actor has a better room and eventually reads to them to help them get to sleep.

So not only did I watch the movie but all the extras.

That is a great review on the home page.

Still think seeing Jason face at the mention of a script was priceless.

By the way apparently the movie made around $30.000 on release.
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Re: Hotel

Post by Helen8 » Tue Sep 29, 2020 11:38 am

Thanks, Annie, for the rundown on the extras. I never bought Hotel because of the reviews and (mostly) because of Jason's 2 sec. on screen, so it's nice to hear about what the actors contributed afterwards.

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