Slews of Reviews . . .

This BBC/BBC America miniseries, filmed in Toronto, was broadcast on 2 November 2006 on BBC1 in the UK, and in the US in February 2007.

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Slews of Reviews . . .

Post by Helen8 » Fri Feb 16, 2007 11:32 am

So many that I'll list the links along with the all-important fawning over Jason:
Into it: Jason Isaacs
We asked the British actor what he's reading, watching, and listening to. ... FlZUVFeXk3
'Potter' villain is recast as a hero
It's hard to believe someone as virile as actor Jason Isaacs started out playing wimps. ... state_dc_1
"The State Within" a gripping political thriller
. . . it's left to one man -- our ambassador to Britain, Sir Mark Brydon (superb work from Jason Isaacs) -- to delicately quell escalating tensions that threaten to bring down the governments of several republics. ... 9789c.html
BBC's thriller is
'State' of the art ... ertainment
The British are coming!
A terrorist bombs the U.S., setting off a cunning game of cat and mouse between allies in a masterfully rendered BBC production
Jason Isaacs, an exceptionally good actor best known on these shores for his acclaimed work in Showtime's "Brotherhood," plays British Ambassador Sir Mark Brydon, a rising politician who many in his home country believe is destined to be prime minister at some point. He's blunt, Brit tactful and not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get physical. It's a compelling combination that makes him instantly likable and keeps your eyes glued to him.
BBC America spy thriller hits close to home
Even less realistic are the hands-on heroics demonstrated by the British ambassador. Sir Mark isn't just handsome; he'll jump from his chauffeured vehicle and attempt to rescue airplane crash victims himself. . . . Isaacs is riveting as the ambassador with a sense of moral outrage, all the more so because he's usually seen playing the villain.

Quote of note re: Gless: "Looks like Albright, barks like Cheney." ... source=rss
Two British films to watch

Jason Isaacs (Showtime's ``Brotherhood'' and Lucius Malfoy in the ``Harry Potter'' films) is terrific as Brydon. ... _10236.asp
'The State Within,'
Brits' thinking '24'

But despite those shortcomings, the series proves to be compelling television, anchored in the anxiety of believable threats and fortified by quality work from a strong cast, especially lead actor, Jason Isaacs, who knows the difference between playing a hero and a superhero.
But the real star of the series is Isaacs. He’s proven he can play dark characters, like the vicious, small-time Boston mobster in the Showtime series “Brotherhood.â€

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Post by catloveyes » Fri Feb 16, 2007 11:51 am

PHEW is right!!! Helen, you are fabulous for finding these GEMS filled with glorious accolades for our Handsome and Extremely Talented Jason!! :wheee


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Post by kjshd05 » Fri Feb 16, 2007 4:35 pm

My goodness Helen, You have been busy...Thanx for posting all those reviews.. Good to see positive press for our blue eyed fella...
What I am liking is that alot of these reviews mention that Mr Jason is starring in Brotherhood on ST...bout time he got the recognition he
so deserves..
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Post by Hilary the Touched » Fri Feb 16, 2007 4:42 pm

Amen! :cherub

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Post by Gillian » Sat Feb 17, 2007 11:09 am

I can't listen to music if I can't understand the words, like rap or hip-hop. I listen to a lot of Gershwin and Cole Porter just for the words.
Sure beats what somebody at Wikipedia posted.
Thank god all references to Liberace and Little Richard were removed.

Thanks for the concise round-up, Helen!

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Post by Helen8 » Sat Feb 17, 2007 12:27 pm

Thanks for the concise round-up,

Surprisingly, they were all in the same JI search email. Bet there'll be more today.

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Post by Helen8 » Sat Feb 17, 2007 12:52 pm

And I was right. Here they are, same format as before. ... ing_state/
A complicated, politically intriguing 'State'
. . . British ambassador Sir Mark Brydon, played with typically cool intensity by Jason Isaacs from "Brotherhood."

The New York Times only had a small paragraph in its listing, but linked to a nice Jason bio, with a lovely pic. It goes on for 3 more long parags, but I've only included the first. ... ne=nyt-per
Jason Isaacs
From All Movie Guide: The latest in an illustrious line of actors to convince American audiences that the British make the cinema's most sinister and cold-hearted villains, Jason Isaacs earned the vicarious enmity and disgust of filmgoers everywhere in his role as the vile Colonel Tavington in the 2000 summer blockbuster The Patriot. Actually an incredibly versatile performer whose previous characterizations included a priest, a brilliant scientist, and a drug dealer, the tall, blue-eyed actor won admiration and respect for his performance, and soon found himself being hailed in the American press as one of the most exciting British imports of the early 21st century.
I [heart] New York. Maybe that's why he's sporting the Yankees cap. hmmm.

In the Utah Deseret News, I included a wonderful quote from Jason.,1249,660196263,00.html
Enter 'The State Within'
"There are many things I love about this country, but there's something I find rather disturbing, which is that at times like that, there are no voices of dissent," he said. "And it's thought to be unpatriotic to question why people are being sent off to die or whether they should be sent off to die. And that's the difference essentially that nobody's been made a villain of here, but it was made by the BBC. And I'm not sure it would necessarily be made by an American company because that's the kind of debate that we have vigorously even when we're at war in England." ... /702170410
'The State Within' has evil U.S. operatives
Jason Isaacs (Showtime's "Brotherhood"), who first captured American audiences as the roguish redcoat in "The Patriot," plays the British ambassador to the United States and the movie's hero, Sir Mark Brydon.

"Roguish," oh yeah!

And I'll leave it on that lovely thought.


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