Reviews: A Single Shot

Jason plays a vengeful backwoods criminal in pursuit of a hapless Sam Rockwell

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Re: Reviews: A Single Shot

Post by ln419 » Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:43 pm

Hi Hil, it's good to see you back. I did my utmost best, for some reason, MY subtitles bit didn't work either (but at least I could fast forward to the end, to where Waylon had most lines at least!). The TV was cranked (but the music that loud was really annoying), and here's what I got from after he shoots Waylon:

Amy, Amy (or Emmy, Emmy, or whatever her name was, twice), he's gone, he's gone, he won't hurt you no more. I promise. He won't hurt you no more. Alright, alright, you're alright. It's over. Come on. I'll get you up. I'll get you home. (in the truck) Call the sheriff. Amy: You need to go to the hospital.
Go on now, there's something I've got to do now. Go on now. I'm ok, I'm ok. (She gets out of the truck and drives to his freezer room, this is what I THINK he said, I reviewed it 6 times and it's the best I could make of it) Here's the best way to take you to Hawaii to see your Daddy. (takes her to remote place and digs grave, tosses $ in there, he's stuck in there and says) Yeah, dig it deep enough so no one digs it back up. Then all and only grunting noises in attempts to get OUT of grave and her INTO grave, but he pulls her in on top of him, and dies).
Good for YOU for finding the filming location. One tree pretty much looks like any other tree to me, so it's a task I wouldn't be able to accomplish without a guide book or something :D !

I hope this was all you wanted/needed. I'm ok @ shorthand, but am also cleaning for Passover, but I thought that someone with the DVD should get back to ya sooner than later (and it was a GOOOOOD excuse to stop cleaning for a bit! ;-) ). Hope this helps, and I hope everything is good with you. I miss seeing you hanging around. ~ellen

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Re: Reviews: A Single Shot

Post by Hilary the Touched » Sat May 17, 2014 6:39 pm

Thanks, Ellen! :hug
(I've spent some time in West Virginia--that was way too misty, mossy, and steep, and the light was wrong.)

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