New Audiobook?

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New Audiobook?

Post by thunder » Tue Jan 22, 2019 2:28 pm

Prof.Audiobooks @HokusBloke on Twitter tweeted this yesterday, with pictures too:
Sharing an #audiobook studio with Lucius Malfoy/Captain Lorca, and realising he's a genuinely misunderstood guy ... 9990952962
That there @jasonsfolly only went and converted Dan the Doozer into a Death Eater...the cheeky scamp! ... 9687432192
Captain Lorca has recruited two new bridge officers...somehow Dan the Doozer is now my commanding officer!
#audiobooks #StarTrek ... 4246967296
Working with the mighty @jasonsfolly yesterday was a real good to direct him again, almost 10 yrs to the day since we last had such #audio fun!
Check him out in Mike Maddox's award-winning R4 SF drama MAYFLIES, directed by me! ... 4441316352

Wonder what it is... :scratch

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